Jewelry Shopping – The Ultimate Guide For Men

Sooner or later, the safe and rather impersonal gifts like flowers and chocolates just will not suffice.  When that happens will you be prepared to purchase precious jewelry?

Jewelry shopping for men

Jewelry shopping for men

Will you take the plunge and score a home-run? Do you have the knowledge to purchase your spouse, sweetheart, or daughter something she will value for several years – or will it be another Christmas where she returns all your gifts and changes them for something she really wants?

To find jewelry that she will positively love, there are a few basic things that any guy can do to significantly enhance his odds of finding the best present, consisting of:.

  • Reconnaissance Work
  • Research
  • Pre-Shopping
  • Biting the Bullet

Reconnaissance Work

If you actually wish to learn exactly what she may want for her collection, then go on and have a look at what she currently has. What pieces is she not wearing and why? In a lot of cases, a woman will stop wearing jewelry because it is missing a stone or needs some kind of repair service. Likewise, does she currently have a preferred locket or brooch but is missing the matching earrings? Having a gander at the jewelry box is among the quickest means to learn exactly what kind of jewelry to buy and is your surest bet at discovering the ideal present this holiday.


Honestly, there is probably absolutely nothing more intimidating for a man than shopping for  jewelry for the lady in their life which is precisely why most men stick to easy presents like flowers and candy. No person wants to face a sales representative understanding little to nothing about things they are purchasing, so the best way to avoid this embarrassment is to cram – Simply and quickly learn as much as you can about jewelry. Right here are some areas to study:.

Metal Types and Their Relative Value.
Semi-Precious Stones vs Precious Stones
Popular Trends
Local Merchants vs On-Line Retailers

I’m not saying that you have to invest week after week discovering everything there is to find out about fashion jewelry however you will feel far better strolling into the shop the more you know. It’s like shopping for a vehicle– you usually feel much better about the cost and the car when you understand something about it before getting down to the dealer. Otherwise, how will you know when they might be pulling the wool? Jewelry shopping, where an individual can actually invest thousands on a small rock and some shiny metal, is the precise same method which brings us to the next step: Pre-Shopping.


Ok, if you have already snooped through her jewelry box and have some good idea as to what she is missing out on or needs, plus you’ve done a bit of homework and learned more than you ever would like to know about stone settings, gems, and so on – you need to limit your list of locations to shop. When you wish to find out who has the greatest selection of bracelets, rings, pendants, or whatever you might be looking for then the Internet is a wonderful place to begin. Simply go to an online search engine and key in the name of the city you plan on shopping plus the keyword “jewelry store”. This must pull up all the shops in your area and you can narrow the search down even further by likewise entering in the type of precious jewelry you are searching for.

The point of pre-shopping is to prevent going to places that will not have the items you’re trying to find and to get a concept about pricing. Once you have one or two places scoped out, its time to “bite the bullet”.

“Biting the Bullet”

When it concerns a guy looking for jewelry, “biting the bullet” generally refers to really buying a quality piece instead of choosing the “less costly” option. Fashion jewelry is among those gifts that is implied to last a lifetime and signify a certain moment or feeling in the relationship in between two individuals. Females like showing off their jewelry which is why guys are playing with fire when it concerns possibly embarrassing their female with some piece of low-cost precious jewelry. Costume jewelry is great when a female buys it but almost a death sentence for a relationship if a man were to ever buy it as a gift for his lady.

The finest thing a guy can do is find something that she will really such as and then just “bite the bullet” and purchase her something she will certainly like AND be happy to reveal off to her good friends and household.